II Om Shree Ananthanathaswamy Namaha II

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Web based SMS Multi-Modal System
Enterprises / Businesses / Educational Institutes to communicate
to 1 or 1,00,000 users in an Instant .

BUSINESSES & Service Firms - Communicate Information about Products , Services , Offers , Sales & Exhibitions to 10,000s of people in an Instant.
EDUCATIONAL Institutes -Communicate to Parents about the Wards Attendance , Performance , Marks , Fees Balance or Emergencies in one go.

-Communicating information through SMS has never been easier!- Now it is Possible !!
I create my user list of
100 or 1,000 or 1,00,000 .
I send SMS online to all
required users in one go.
My users receive SMS
instantly & gets the Information.
My organization saves TIME, Money & Effort .

Who can benefit by using
ApnaSMS.in Solutions

The List of Beneficiaries are :

>Education Institutions.
>Coaching Centers.

>Entertainment Providers .
>Retail Sector.
>Distribution Agencies.
>Exhibition Organizers.
>Service Providers.
>Real Estate.
>Courier Agencies.
>Marketing Companies.

APPRECIATION given to ApnaSMS.in:
ApnaSMS.in makes it easy to :

Appreciation provided by
Educational Institutes & Businessness
will be shortly uploaded.

# Create & Manage a List of Users Online.
# Select a Single or a Group of Users.
# Provides Bulk SMSes to be sent once.
# Messages can be personalized if required.
# Can upload using EXCEL sheets.
# Send messages using SMS or Voice.
# Save a lot of TIME & MONEY .
ApnaSMS.in is designed & developed to help you continuously REACH out to your TARGET user group in a Fast & Cost effective way. ApnaSMS.in also provides complete Consulting for you totally FREE.

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