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We are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth. We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.

We will create a civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace. May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before.

- John Perry Barlow.
"A Declaration of the Independence of CyberSpace"-1996.

Do you Know :

India’s telecom market is experiencing explosive growth and will continue for another couple of years.

Crossed 240 million subscribers with net adds of nearly 8 mn subs / month over last 4 months

Despite continued record growth over last 12 months, only 23.07% of 1.1 bn population owns a Mobile.

Growth is expected to continue and even accelerate, reaching a projected 496 million mobile subs by 2010.

Welcome to the ApnaSMS.in website. This website's purpose is to help professionals ,business owners, School/College Principals get knowledge about the large mobile industry - especially focusing on information helping them to use the technology of mass or bulk SMSing for any communication purpose.

What is SMS ?
Today, technology is moving towards the future of the wireless web. Mobile devices such as palmtops, handhelds, and cellular phones are becoming all the rage. Every month in India nearly 5 Million to 7 Million people are becoming Mobile Subscribers. We have more than 250 Million Mobile Subscribers in India and it will reach nearly 600 Million in another 3 years.    People want these Mobile devices to do everything from access their e-mail accounts, to utilize the Internet, to access personal banking & for  corporate information.

One type of service that is available is a technology called SMS (Short Messaging Service).

SMS is the technology that allows text messages to be received and sent over mobile devices. Short Message Service (SMS) is a service available on most digital mobile and cell phones that permits the sending and receiving of short messages (also known as SMSes, text messages, messages, or more colloquially texts or even txts) between mobile phones, other handheld devices, PDAs and even land line phones. SMS was originally designed as part of the GSM digital mobile and cell phone standard, but is now available on a wide range of networks.

Bulk SMS campaign and alert messages now available for sending Messages, Reminders , Alerts to large number of people with a click of a one button using Internet.

Why SMS ?

SMS is a very inexpensive method of communication. 160 characters take up as much room as a 20-second voice call. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on). Like e-mail, they can also be reviewed or stored in your phone for as long as you wish. SMS messages can also be sent out to huge groups of people with the single press of a button.

SMS also allows for unified messaging. This is where SMS can take on a number of different message formats (including voice mail, e-mail and fax) and allows users to access them from their mobile device.

The role of ApnaSMS.in is to provide this technology which is already available to put it to the best use in our day-to-day life so that life becomes more easier for everyone.

Read the BENEFITS of using SMS for Educational Institutes Below : Click Here.

Why use SMS for all communication involving just sending some Information ?
To answer the question why use SMS is simple. It is comfortable, convenient and cheap. This is the age of technology so advanced that it feels a crime to wait and waste money. We need instant communication. We need instant information about anything. SMS can do it.

Bulk SMS messages is the latest innovation in sending information to the customers or users in an Instant, combining the speed of the wireless telegram with the personal touch . They are delivered in a second or two after sending. You can send a single text SMS message or you can send thousands of text SMS messages simultaneously. Text SMS messages are carried by the mobile phone operators on their network to the customers mobile phones.

Organizations like Educational Institutions which have a strong vision to offer the best for their Students & Parents have automated the process of sending alerts on student performance, attendance, payments due, fees , test dates, parents-teachers meetings, results and school informations. Corporate Banks,Companies can send reminders about subscriptions acknowledgements, service alerts, stock and share quotes, transaction details, purchase enquiries, lease queries, meeting alerts, reminders, product info etc.

If you want to communicate a feeling , speak. If you want to give some information, do it with a Text SMS message. You will be doing the recipient and yourself a big favor. It is that simple! Its that powerful . No use knowing . Knowing is not Doing .Utilize the technology for the best of your organization.

“In a couple of years, most of the information you share, most of the advertising you read,most of the business you do ,
 most of the messages you send and most of the music you listen to will transit through your cellphone,”


Maurice Levy

, CEO,


For Educational Institutes
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