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Case Studies :
Real Case Studies of how ApnaSMS.in Web Based SMS system has benefitted different organizations

How  Web based SMS System has benefitted Abinandana TS from last 4 years in his Educational Seminars :

I was always very keen on how IT technology will be useful in any sphere of work or business activities, be it Education or Marketing or Entertainment. I would always make the best use of it to get maximum leverage by using it in my work related activities.

I am conducting Seminars for Students on Methodical Learning Techniques for Achieving Peak Performance in studies & Exams” ( www.SuperLearning.AbhinandanaTS.com ) from last 16 Years. During earlier times of conducting Seminars , I would first give a 90 minute FREE talk in the School/College and later Students would attend my 7 hrs Paid Seminar on SuperLearning techniques on Sunday from 9am to 4pm in Bangalore. I had seen a very strange pattern of student turnout for the Paid Seminar on Sunday  when I conducted my Intro Session on different days of the Week.

If I conducted my FREE Intro Talk on Saturday, there would be a 90% to 95% turnout for the Paid Seminar on Sunday. For each earlier day, there would be 10% decrease. If I had given the FREE Intro Talk on Friday, the turnout of Students on Sunday would be about 75% to 85% . If I had conducted a FREE Intro Talk on Tuesday it would be about 40% and if my FREE Intro Session was on Monday, then on coming Sunday the Students attending would be hardly 20% to 30% . Though my Talk would be powerful , motivating on any day of the Week , the turnout would be less if it was conducted in the earlier of the Week. The reason was many students would forget about the Seminar on Sunday and would forget to ask their parents after 2 or 3 days. During mid-1990`s when I would call to find out why the Students had not attended , I would be surprised to know that within 4 days they would have totally forgotten my talk and ask me – Who is Abhinandan ? . I had to make them remember. I understood that many students would forget to attend the Seminar has they themselves would say.
Few of the photos out of 100s of Institutions where I have conducted
Seminar at North East India.
Every time I was not able to give a FREE Intro Talk only on Saturday. Because some Schools would fix on different days .It would not be possible to call all the 300 to 500 Students who attended the Intro Session. Once in 2004, I send a SMS to all the students parents Mobile. The SMS read like this : Parents of Students of 12th Std  of KV , plz see the Superlearning Flier provided to your Ward and see to that they attend the Seminar on Sunday. Though I had conducted the Intro Session on Tuesday, I expected out of 120 students who had attend my FREE Into talk only some 30 or 40 students would attend. To my surprise, 106 Students attended. The reason was when the parents received the SMS about the SuperLearning Seminar , they asked their children to show the Flier to them and told them to attend it .

In most of the Cases many students though would be excited when they see my DEMO, explanation and motivating talk , would not show the Flier to their Parents and tell them that they want to attend the SuperLearning Seminar. Many students suffer from low self-esteem, and don`t tell or speak to their parents about the Intro Seminar on SuperLearning that was conducted in their School / College and ask them the Fees to attend the Seminar. When the SMS is received by the parents, the parents ask their wards what it was about and ask them for the Flier. The parents see to that their Son/Daughter attend the Seminar.

Just by sending a SMS, which would cost me about Rs.200/- or Rs.300/- , it would increase in the Course Fee Collection of about Rs.5,000/- to Rs.10,000/- more. I have used the same strategy here in North East and have seen the response when the SMS was sent. It is a very powerful tool to have a non-verbal communication with the Students/Parents in an Instant.

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