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The need of the Hour for Educational Institutions
fast & effective communication between School/College & Parents,
effective management between teachers & Institute administration
is the
Technological Tool called Web based SMS.

Today`s Situation in Educational Institutions:
Educational Institutions today face the challenges of devising new ways of communicating with parents/students and ways of improving information flow between the schools and parents. The requirement of continuous or more regular one-to-many communication means increased administrative work load and increased cost of communication.

Traditionally the 'schools to parents communication' has been restricted to paper notes and phone calls. In most cases paper notes provide no guarantee that the note has been read by the parent. Phone calls become taxing for the administrative departments of schools/colleges and more time consuming.

Parent`s Situation at Present & what they need :
Parents loose sleep for endless nights while the admission season arrives, be it the admission of their wards in the pre-prep (nursery) classes or the admission for a professional course or just a simple graduation course.

Parents worry endlessly about the well being of their wards & are keen to know what's happening at the school & how their ward is faring or performing.

The way education is imparted today has changed dramatically. Parents today look for that small extra edge that one institution has over the other.

Web based SMS System offered by ApnaSMS.in is the most advanced text message information disbursal system available. With ApnaSMS.in and the power of today's mobile phones, you can revolutionize the way in which you communicate with students and their families.

ApnaSMS.in allows you to offer an unrivalled level of service to your students and parents alike

A small step initiated by the school authorities can lead to a great relief & confidence building for the parents about your Institute.

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