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Short Code: The most exciting communication facility in Mobile Industry .

What is a Short code?

Short code or simply "short codes," are five- or six-seven digit numbers with a easy pattern to remember fast  (as contrasted with traditional ten-digit number strings) that people can use to send and receive plain text messages on their mobile phones using the short message service (SMS) protocol.
A short code, analogous to traditional SMS texting, is an "address" to which a text message is sent. Unlike traditional SMS texting, however, consumers or end-users use short-code to send text messages to link to commercial services or applications or get information rather than other individuals.

Designed to be easier to remember than normal-length telephone numbers, short codes have been used for commercial solicitations, surveys, participation in sweepstakes, direct marketing, voting and polling efforts, Internet searches, and the receipt of a wide range of information including sports scores, exams results , students information ,  restaurant reviews, and the like.

For example, the television show "American Idol" and also “ Indian Idol” encouraged voter participation by requesting that viewers send text messages to the short code assigned to their favorite contestant.

In India : The usage of Short Code.

In India, Short codes are five digits in length and have to mandatorily start with the digit '5'. The five digits can be extended by a further three digits representing an additional 3 characters. Texts sent to these Short Codes are commonly referred to as Premium Rate SMS Messages.
The potential is enormous in India. Short Codes will enable the continued growth of text messaging and provide a platform upon which new technologies will be able to flourish. Market developments like picture messaging (or MMS) and the continued evolution of Instant Messaging into the wireless medium make text messaging one of the most exciting, yet simple, breakthroughs, since the advent of the telephone itself!

In other parts of the world, countries have already developed their own Short Code programs for every aspect of life , business  & Education  - and innovations have followed to many other aspects . Television, Business , Sports , Education , and Entertainment  have changed because of innovations in Short Code technology in other countries. What kinds of breakthroughs will Short Code  bring about in the technologically savvy Indian growing mobile  community? The answers are as limitless as the human imagination. We at ApnaSMS.in are focusing mainly on the utility of Short Code in the Education field.

What can an Educational Institute do with a  Short Code ?

Short Codes present an unlimited array of contact possibilities for the Parents / Students / admission seekers etc all focused on increasing interaction through mobile. Short codes take advantage of the exciting, rapidly growing success of text messaging in the Indian Mobile Scenario. Most Short code  applications are two-way, meaning messages are both received from and sent to mobile subscribers, creating interactivity and an ongoing “conversation” between the end user and the application.

Today, countless television programs and marketing campaigns make use of  Short Codes, encouraging users to voice their opinions by sending a text message to the Short Code on the screen. The packaging of a consumer good, for example, is likely to feature a promotion that requires one to send a text message to a Short Code. Sport scores and highlights are available real time as the action occurs; delivered to a mobile phone once the caller requests them via a text message to a Short Code.

There are several types of applications and mediums through which Short Code applications can be promoted. The best applications promote interactivity and are considered "a premium experience" by participants.

The following chart details some examples of popular Short Code applications can be used in Educational Institutes:


1.) Parents can get all Information about Admission by sending SMS to a SHORT CODE Number XXXXXX by typing the SCHOOL Name followed by the Word Admission.
2.) Parents can get information whether their ward is selected or not by using the Same Procedure but by adding one more word of their Child name etc.
3.) Parents can know the date of Interview, Fees or any information using the Short Code.


1.) Parents can know any information about their Wards Attendance , Class test marks , Behaviour , Forth coming Test & Exams by pulling the information using their Mobile without making a Call to the School .

Test Results &
Exam Results

1.) Parents can pull out the Test Results of any month or year whenever they want using Short Code.
2.) The Exams Results of a Particular Class can be known to the parents using Short Codes

School Information

1.) Any information about the School can be received by the parents / students / or anyone using the Short Code Technology.
2.) The School Activities can be known using  the Short Codes

More information about Short Codes and their Pricing will be added Shortly.

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